Bloggers, your family and people you’re close to are your biggest fans

Side Note For Bloggers and Aspiring Bloggers:

I’m sure you have heard a lot about this but I’m going to say it anyway – Bloggers, it’s important that you blog about something you are passionate about because you never run out of good content.

Basically, you invest your time in something that you love and people can see that through your writing. For example, it’s good when a person can understand the emotions behind the content.

anja wintour


Anja Wintour is a good example of a good content writer, personally, I find her blogs relatable and she has a good sense of humor.

She blogs about pop culture, food, and fashion but she still makes it interesting enough for me to continue reading her blogs. She words her sentences in a way that’s authentic and understandable. You can read her blogs on


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It’s All Begins At Home








Image Source: My twin sister and I

Home is where everything begins, from the time of our inception to the time you old enough to go out on your own. Home is where you always go back to for honest answers. Don’t you think that creativity begins in a place where you’re comfortable, in a place where you can explore your talents without the interruptions of the outside world opinions?

Some will argue and say that home is the place in which you felt oppressed but in that oppression, you find out what you good at, for example, if you were grounded more often and asked to lock yourself in your room for an hour, in the time that you were grounded, your room becomes a place of retreat.

They’re honest:

Your family are the first people who you show your work and who read and give constructive critics. They will not say something to make you feel better or to please you but they will be frank with you.

For example, my mom used to think that my job to utilize bloggers and influencers to reach out to consumers to purchase the products was misleading and manipulative. It made me realize that more people would think like her, therefore, it is important to educate people on what exactly it is that you do.

They Show Interest

The thing about family is that once you tell them that your work means a lot to you and that you make money out of it, they will show interest. Because all ones loved ones wish for, is that one is financially stable.

But in worst case scenarios where you have explained what you do but your family still shows no interest in your field of industry. That should not discourage you instead it should make you realize the reality of life that not everybody will be interested in what you do.

It doesn’t mean that you must stop instead you should be your own biggest fan and focus on the people that understand what you are doing. Always bear in mind that not everyone who has gotten to the top has been loved and supported.

They Care



They take time to read your entire blog, you might be wondering how I know that. Let me tell you – it’s little things like when your colleague, a friend or your aunt is asking you to change your punctuation. It shows that they care enough about what you put out to the world.

Whereas someone who doesn’t show that much interest or care for me wouldn’t bother to tell me, for example, if you have a boogah (mucus on your nose) and you walk around the whole day without anyone telling you and when you get home they tell you. That shows that they have your back.


Whether your family is for you or against you – it’s important to educate them and not keep them in the dark.





2 thoughts on “Bloggers, your family and people you’re close to are your biggest fans

  1. Well said Madame B!. As we all know that charity begins at home. This shouldn’t just be that our parents/elders/guardians are teaching us how to be charitable outside but should be where we first practice the act, amongst each other. Our families are the only people that have unconditional love for us, so their love and support is the most important thing one needs to succeed in life. Wise words indeed 👏🏻coming from a petite woman like you lol Keep writing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for reading the article, Tasha. I am glad that I am not the only one sees that charity begins at home. Hahaha you know us, petite people, we exceed people’s expectation of us and I believe I did just that with you 🙂 Keep well and I will keep writing.


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