KZN Blogger Meetup 2017 was the beginning of all that is to come


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I am the kind of person who never runs out of things to say, which is why my twin sister always says, “You would swear you have a Masters or PHD qualification for talking too much but I guess I can understand because you have a Diploma in Public Relations”. So, I believe that I can relate to people quite easily. However, I am finding it difficult to stick to the subject for a long time and that was one of my biggest fear when Susann Deysel asked me to be one of the guest speakers and share my knowledge as a Blogger Outreach Specialist.

I thought to myself “What if I end up speaking senseless staff to bloggers” believe me I was freaking out because I know myself and I knew I would not be able to stand and stick to the topic of my speech for 25 Minutes 😊 That was too much for me but without hesitation I confirmed my availability and said yes.

We live in a society where we are indirectly told what we are good at and what we are not so good at. Often, I was indirectly told that I swerve from the original topic and over the years I had a built-up fear of public speaking. So, allow me to thank Susann Deysel for giving me a platform to face and overcome my fear. I believe that God uses his people for his goodness 😊

I have noticed that I do not only deviate when I speak but I also tend to do it when I write. So, getting back to the original topic.

KZN Blogger Meetup was the BANG!

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It was such a great honor to be part of the event and get to share my knowledge on blogger related topics and most importantly meet bloggers in person. so, if you did not make it to the KZN Blogger Meetup, you missed out.

My experience with bloggers was fantastic. They put me at ease and made me feel good about myself. so, I had to do what I had to do, get on that stage and deliver the speech to bloggers. I had to represent the agency I work for, and the skincare brand I work with, and most importantly I had to represent myself for this achievement.

I prepared myself for this speech and everything I said was the truth and nothing but the truth – so it went like this,

Before my tragic accident I had been working on a campaign with bloggers and when I woke up in ICU for the first time I asked myself two questions:

  • Have we paid the bloggers their money?
  • Is my job secure?

When my parents told my boss Kevin Power what I had asked I assumed he asked himself WHY?

Let me tell you why. I love my job enough to call you My Bloggers. I know this might sound like I am owning you but No, I call you My Bloggers because you are very close to my heart and I stand up for you when needed. you might be wondering how Neli stands up for us. let me share with you an incident that occurred not so long ago:

We were running a Big Thank You Darling Campaign where bloggers had to share the video onto their social media platforms and briefly tell their stories as to how the video relates to them. so, when the video had one million views on YouTube channel. My Boss Kevin Power ran and rang the bell at the office, we all gathered around and he began to thank everyone who was part of the campaign but he forgot one people who added to the success of the campaign and that was YOU Bloggers. so, I stood up and said “Kevin, for once can we recognize the work and effort that is done by bloggers” He looked at me and said Yes Neli that’s true.

My point then is that I am proud and I see huge potential in all of you. I respect the effort and time that you put into your work and that is why you were the first people on my mind when I woke up”.

My Linkedin Article opened the gates of opportunities

This year February I wrote an article about: Bloggers is it worth investing on your blog sites? I wrote this article unaware that @Susann Deysel will approach me to be one of the guest speakers at the KZN Blogger Meetup on the 26th of August 2017 and speak on these topics:

  • How I identify bloggers and How bloggers get noticed by brands.
  • I would like to share a paragraph from the article I published on Linkedin:

What I am about to say is not me being mean but I feel that some of the bloggers need to be more knowledgeable regarding their focus areas and target markets; their blog page structure; their content structure; the quality of photographs they use on their sites; and most importantly they need proper training as to how much they are worth and how to get noticed by brands”.

Bloggers Gift Sponsored by different Brands

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To all the bloggers who attended this event, hope you learned a lot and that all that was shared you will apply it to your blogs and let’s take blogging to another level 🙂

My message to bloggers is to


  • Do your research on everything blogger related
  • Know your worth and research your market value
  • Don’t settle for less but be the best
  • Meet other bloggers and expose yourself
  • Be Authentic
  • When you are paid to do the job, put your all or do not accept it.

I would like to end with…

“Live, Talk and Walk Your Brand” By Nelisiwe Zuma




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