Blogger, Your Feedback Matters

Blogger, do you care to ask for feedback about the campaign you have been involved in?

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I think this needs to be addressed and definitely by me. As a blogger outreach specialist and have worked with bloggers for some time. This, I have realized and it is the time that I say it again and now in writing.

Firstly, I would like to state that bloggers, you have so much potential and I appreciate the effort and time you put into your work and promoting our brands campaigns but then I ask myself why do bloggers hardly ask the following questions after the campaign is finished?

  • Are you happy with the work I have produced?
  • Did I meet your brand campaign expectations?
  • Is there a room for improvement? – if there is, please advise

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My colleagues including my CEO are aware of how much bloggers are close to my heart. I fight for you, yes, I do fight for you but recently it has been worrying me how I barely receive an email or a phone call from a blogger questioning about the campaign feedback.

Instead, I receive never-ending emails and phone calls about when is the payment is released.

Bloggers, allow me to briefly point this out to you and I am saying this out of kindness. Can you take your blogs as a business and by that, I mean be professional in a way that you show concern and do follow up after you have promoted the post and the campaign is finished – That kind of intellectual verifies that you are in this business not just for money but to grow your connection and add value to your followers?

Asking for feedback will not only benefit us as an agency but will also help you as a blogger to see where and how to improve in order for your blog to be successful and credible.

Yes, we live in a competitive world but remember you must have passion and enthusiasm for the brands you work for. Show interest so that clients will see that you care and might consider you for upcoming campaigns.

Bloggers, do you care to share why you never ask for campaign feedback?





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