How I identify bloggers and how bloggers get noticed by brands?

So, where does my journey begin to find you the blogger?

As agencies, we normally have search engine tools we utilize to find as many bloggers as we possibly can.

The first step is Buzz Sumo: This site allows me to search bloggers per their focus areas and location. For example, all I do is type the Location: Durban and Focus Areas: Skincare and it will give me a list of bloggers in that niche.

Once I’ve narrowed down the list of potential bloggers to look at I then compile a list of all the blogs in that niche.

The second step is Link2Link Site: As a Blogger, you should sign up as Publisher and not as advertiser.

To briefly explain to you how Link2Link works and how as a blogger can have an access to it. Link2Link site is our in-house site that as a blogger you can fill in all your social media links that you use to promote your work on (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Blogs, Websites etc.)

Under Advertiser Campaign: we have Active, Pending and Closed Campaigns and as a blogger, you can click on the active campaign and see which campaign you are interested in and in that way we will get a notification and decide if you will fit the campaign.

This site allows a blogger to adjust their cost price per post and per social media platform and in that way, it is very much convenient for both the blogger and I the blogger outreach specialist because I don’t have to send an email requesting the rate card.

Our most important section of this site is the Analytics – This section allows me to pull out the Campaign insights from each blogger per campaign and per brand. It helps me to prepare for our client report back information.

If you are a blogger and looking to be exposed to brands then this is your site to use. sign up on this link:

Once I have all your social media platform. I then move on to the Third step: Pay attention to:

Post Relevancy – Do you post about things that are of interest

How often you post – Are you very active or do you let the page run itself for months

Remember that the more active you are the more you will get recognition and recommendations.

The Fourth step is to look at your Interaction with your followers.


Image Source:

Bloggers it is vital to interact with your followers. The more you show interest, notice their efforts and time they put into reading and commenting on your post the more you will have honest followers. I mean, Who wouldn’t like to have organic reach without spending money on their post.

This might sound untrue but as agencies, we do take notice of post engagements and gladly want to collaborate with you.

The Fifth step is to Subscribe, follow and sign up to the blogs of potential influencers.


Stalking you is what I best specialize to because it’s:

  • Open the lines of communication between you and I.
  • I get to learn more about the blog and the blogger and I can
  • Measure the level of Influence you as a blogger has on your platforms.

Now, Let’s speak about how you can get exposed and notice by brands:

Leverage your blog:

This means that your blog should have an authority and trust behind it. Do or use something to maximise the credibility of your blog.

As a blogger, you need to buy a domain name so that no one will claim your blog. It’s also important that you collaborate with high profile bloggers. you might never know how they might respond back to you. Remember that they have been where you are and they have experienced the struggle of being a blogger.

Put money behind your post. This means that you invest on your blog and treat it as a business. For two years tell yourself that you are investing on your blog and that means that you will lose money to get money. Not a nice thing to hear but it is what it is.

Include a blog link to all of your social media accounts:

Do not assume that people know that you have a blog. Put on your blog link on your Facebook blog page, Instagram business page, and Twitter page.

Bloggers, your blog sites have enough space to add all the necessary information. use that space to your best advantage. put in all your social media icons, your updated rate cards, and your email address. Don’t make it hard for us have access to you.

Get out and meet people in real life:


Attend Conferences and Networking Events to meet and share ideas with other fellow bloggers. Events like bloggers meet-ups  will assist you to refine your craft, be more professional, learn from other bloggers mistakes and celebrate successes together;

You will also meet your potential brands Face to Face and develop a relationship with them. When attending events, Actively participate and ask questions and If possible put your blog name and URL on your name tag or create a QR code that links to your blog.

Make it your responsibility to research on everything that is bloggers related.

Don’t be a fool:

We are all aware that some brands like to spend on bloggers (For example, You are working on a campaign in another country and you are exposed to the nightlife; So in occasions like that do not fool yourself to think that whatever you do would not affect your brand name.

Drink responsibly, be professional and don’t forget that you are still there to work and create content for the brand.

Brand Yourself Professionally.




One thought on “How I identify bloggers and how bloggers get noticed by brands?

  1. Thank you Neli, This is so informative but most importantly I love how you are passionate about blogging and bloggers as a whole. I hope they will take blogging to the next level as you have mentioned on your speech. You have mentioned all that will benefit their blogs and it’s all in their hands now. Keep up the great work Madame Blogger, I have so much respect for you as a person and your work.


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