2017 Soweto Fashion Week Theme was “Hairitage”

Soweto Fashion Week gives an opportunity to fashion designers to showcase their Spring and Summer collection. Other than the obvious, it also enables https://www.facebook.com/DarlingSouthAfrica/ Company to explore their creativity with their indigenous garments.

It is evident that Soweto Fashion Week has gotten even better as the years have rolled by. With Darling Hairstyles proving itself that hair goes hand in hand with fashion and beauty. If that wasn’t the case, they would have not been the principal sponsors for the #SFWSS18 from the start. On top of that, as a hair brand, they did not just sponsor the show but also showcased their out-of-this-world designed collections that were entirely created using hair extensions.


What better way to show their clientele that Darling Hairstyles not only cares for their hair but also believes in the complete look of one’s beauty. You hardly come across designs made of hair pieces and as to how the https://www.facebook.com/DarlingSouthAfrica/ came about with this idea, is another topic for another day. The above picture sums up all that is hair, beauty and creative related.

My Little Darling girls


It’s unbelievable how https://www.facebook.com/DarlingSouthAfrica/ can create out-of-the-ordinary designs. It seems like they did not want to leave out the My Little Darling girls from the show but had to come up with the cutest outfits for them to showcase. You should have seen the joy on their faces as they were walking the ramp. The audience could not contain themselves but instead gave the girls a standing ovation as they walked in with their colorful designs created from Darling hair extensions.

I might have been at the Soweto Fashion Week for work-related reasons but that did not stop me from looking beautiful and representing my special brand BeccaBlairDesigns     

I had the privilege of being styled by her from day one. Sporting my favorite piece by her on the final night which was a black embroided patent leather bag. If you know me well, you would know the drill. I could go on and on about how amazing the Soweto Fashion Week was and might end up straying from the original topic. So, before I do that, can we go back to the original topic.


It is no doubt that https://www.facebook.com/DarlingSouthAfrica/ have gained so much respect from its market. The Soweto Fashion Show Pictures by http://www.fotobooth.biz/ proved the excitement from the audience, see the below images.


What was your highlight of Soweto Fashion Show as a whole?


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