I am Nelisiwe Zuma. I grew up in a small village outside of Pietermaritzburg called Impendle. In 2013 I obtained my Diploma in Public Relations. I am currently working as a Blogger Outreach Specialist and I am an official brand ambassador for Becca Blair Designs (Bag Label):  https://becca-blair.com/

My journey with bloggers has been one that I have found hope and enjoyed the most. I say that because when I woke up in ICU after a tragic car accident I asked if we have paid bloggers their money? It’s weird I know, but I assume you asking yourself why?

It is for these reasons why? – This will sound weird but I have to say it anyway – both bloggers and myself share fears to one another and for that, I can say that bloggers are very close to my heart. The relationship I have built with bloggers is way more than a job but uplifting each other to do better.

I respect the time and effort they put into their work and I very much am against their talent being unrecognized or taken for granted.

I have built a strong relationship with brands and bloggers through campaigns I have worked on. I post brand campaigns for bloggers and influencers to benefit and be part of the running movement that the brand is looking to promote.

I recruit bloggers and influencers (high profile and up and coming bloggers) then add them to a database, compile their profiles and keep in contact with them if there is an active campaign.

  • Are you a brand and looking for bloggers and influencers?
  • Are you a blogger or an influencer and looking to collaborate with brands?

Madame Blogger can assist you with that – There is more to bloggers and influencers and if you need to know more, I am willing to share my knowledge and proud to say that I am the right person to Halla at ✌️

I am strong and full of life and I pass it on with one wince of a smile 😊